Modify Network Setting on vCenter Appliance

If there is no DHCP on your network, or for some other reason your vCenter Appliance is not able to get an IP address for you to further configure the appliance, follow these steps to configure an IP for the appliance:

You can configure networking fairly simple. Just login to the console and type the following:


Make sure to fill out the following sections:

2) Default Gateway
3) Hostname
4) DNS
6) IP Address Allocation for eth0

After this has been done type 1 to exit the configuration tool. Now the VCVA should be configured. In some cases I noticed that the “default gateway” setting did not stick. I would suggest validating this on the network tab of your management console, which can be found here: https://<IP address or DNS name of your vCenter instance>:5480.

Now that you have successfully deployed the vCenter Server appliance you can start exploring the new vCenter Web Client: https://<IP address or DNS name of your vCenter instance>:9443/vsphere-client/

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