View your VMware ESXi Host’s System Log, Config and Datastore via a Web Browser

Looking for an easy way to view your VMware ESXi host’s System LogsConfig Files andDatastore?  This rather nifty ESXi feature will save you the hassle of having to log onto the ESXi console to view any of these items.  All you simply have to do is open a web browser and enter in one of the two URLs (see below) – depending on what you’re wanting to access.  Keep in mind that what is displayed in the web browser is read-only.

ESXi Configuration Files & System Logs:


http://<insert ESXi host name or IP here>/host


Click on any of the displayed items to view their contents.

ESXi Datastores:

To view the ESXi host’s attached datastores and the total and consumed disk space enter:


http://<insert ESXi host name or IP here>/folder

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