Enable Copy and Paste in the vSphere Client Console

One of the most annoying things about the vSphere Thick Client, is the fact that you cannot copy and paste things between your local computer and the VM by default. I know that VMware is pushing us to use the Web Client, but let’s face it, 95% of their customers are still using the Windows Client that they have become accustomed to.
For those customers, this one’s for you!

In order to enable Copy and Paste through the console, you will need add a custom config to EACH VM. (This is not a global setting).

  1. Edit the Settings of a VM using vSphere Thick or Web Client
  2. Select the Options > Advanced > General > Configuration Parameters
  3. Click Add Row for each of the following settings

    Name: isolation.tools.copy.disable 
    Value: false

    Name: isolation.tools.paste.disable
    Value: false

  4. Click OK and reboot VM (or if set while VM is off, boot VM)

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