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Factory Reset Aruba IAP Access Point

Reset APs via Console Cable (preferred method)

  • Connect the serial console breakout adapter cable to the AP Ethernet port and a laptop.
  • Power on the AP and get into apboot mode.
  • From the apboot prompt, configure:
    apboot> purge
    apboot> save
    apboot> reset

Reset APs via GUI

  • Click on “Maintenance” and go to the “Convert” tab .
  • In the dropdown for “Convert one or more APs to” choose “Standalone AP”.
  • Pick the one you want. 
  • This will gracefully exit the IAP from the VC cluster.

Find Unknown Wireless Password for Aruba Wireless SSID

If you don’t remember what password you or another Administrator set for a particular SSID on an Aruba Wireless Access Controller (or Instant Access Point), you can find this by connecting to any Access Point via SSH, Telnet or Console, and running the following commands:

show run no-encrypt

Scroll up until you get to the wlan ssid-profile section, and the password will be listed next to wpa-passphrase

If you had just ran a show run without the “no-encrypt“, you would have see a random hash like this: