Install and Configure Hyper-V 2012 on Dell EqualLogic

On attempting my first install of Hyper-V 2012, the web and forums have very little help on installing and configuring Hyper-V 2012. There seems to be many holes and empty steps left in posts by other users. Hopefully this post will make this install go a little smoother for you.


Here is the Setup:
Server with 4 Physical NICs
NIC1: Client/Network
NIC2: vMotion
Local Hard Drive with Raid1 Mirror for Hyper-V Install
EqualLogic 6100 running 6.0.2 firmware

First thing first, we start off with install Windows Server 2012 (Pretty Straight-Forward)

After you install Windows- install all the latest updates, assign IP info to primary NIC, join to domain, etc and whatever, its time to install a couple of features.

The First Feature we install is the Hyper-V Feature:

On the Server Manager Dashboard, click “Add Roles and Features”

Click Next

Click Next

Select Hyper-V and Click Install (taking all the defaults) and Reboot the Server.

On each of my Hyper-V Server, hit the Windows Key and Type: ISCSI
You should see ISCSI Initiator come up and prompt you to enable it. Please do it
Once enabled, click the Configuration Tab on the ISCSI Initiator and Copy the IQN Name for the server:

This IQN is unique to this server and covers all of the NICs installed in this server


When the server is done Rebooting, go back into Roles and Features

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