VisualExtop Fling from VMware

EXTOP is a wonderful tool to see Host, VM, Storage, and a whole slew of other useful statistical information on what is going on in your environment. It is the raw data that vROps and vSphere Performance Tabs use to generate performance data and alerting and errors. Accessing this info is as easy as SSHing into the host and running extop

There are hundreds of switch commands you can run to find specific information, but no matter how you cut it, you are looking at a CLI based output.

If you are looking for something a little more modern and much easier to navigate, VMware has released a FLING (basically an unsupported side-project) that gives EXTOP a GUI with some tabs. I have found this useful to access needed info, quicker.

You still don’t get the amazing analytics and recommendations from vROps, but it is still no doubt a very valuable tool to have in your toolbox.

You can grab the latest VisualEXtop Fling here:


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