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Get iOS Device in Supervised Mode

When using Sophos Mobile or any other MDM solutions, putting a device is Supervised mode unlocks additional management capabilities. 

Requirements for putting a device in Supervised Mode:
– Apple Mac Computer running the Apple Configurator App
– iOS or iPad OS device will need to connect to that computer via USB cable
– This process will require the device to be wiped. All settings and content will be erased. 

Step by Step Process

  1. On the Mac computer, download and install the Apple Configurator App

2. In the Configurator App, select Account and login with the Apple Business Manager account.
Select the appropriate Location:  This is the Business that the IOS device will be deployed to.

3. Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable and select Trust when prompted on your iPad. Turn off Find My iPad by tapping SettingsApple ID, then iCloud.

4. In the Configurator App, right-click the device and select Prepare.

5. Prepare with Manual Configuration and select both Supervise devices and Allow devices to pair with other computers.

6. In the next section, select Do not enroll in MDM.

7. Select the appropriate location

8. Leave All Steps selected and click Prepare. It will ask to Erase the device to Continue, which you will agree to.

9. If you got into Settings App, you should see that the device is now in Supervised Mode