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Copy GPO Policies to Notepad for faster discovery and editing

I had a customer that had well over 40 GPO polices with 500+ changes settings altogether. I had to parse through them all and doing so in Notepad++ was so much easier. Here is how you do it.

This example is for the default domain policy:

  1. Open Group Policy Management (GPMC).
  2. Select your GPO. You can choose a GPO link or the GPO itself.

  3. Choose the Settings Tab and click Show all

  4. Right Click anywhere and Select All
    The Right Click and Copy Selection (or use Ctrl-C)

  5. Paste that copied data into Wordpad or preferably Notepad++

  6. Click search at the top and then replace:
    Replace hide$ with nothing in Regular Expression mode and click Replace All.

    There you have it. Easy to read and find what you need!